Fees and Rebates

Private Clients - The fee per consultation is $200.00. Consultations are 50 minutes long.

Medicare pays a rebate for up to 20 visits with a psychologist in a calendar year. The rebate is $126.50 per consultation. Your GP will be able to determine your eligibility for the scheme. If you are assessed as eligible your GP will provide you with a Mental Health Care Plan that needs to be brought to your initial appointment. If you wish to receive a rebate for your initial consultation, you will have to visit your GP prior to the appointment.

Additional benefits equal to 80% of the gap between the consultation fee and Medicare rebate are available under the Medicare Safety Net after you have paid out a certain amount each calendar year, see here.

Your health fund may also subsidise your appointments however there is great variation in the amount of sessions covered and the rebate. Please check with your health insurance provider.

Pensioner and Health Care Card Holders Discount - The fee for those with Health Care Card (including Pensioners) can be discounted.  Please raise this with me.

Worker’s Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident clients claiming under third party insurance – treatment will usually be paid for directly by the insurer.  You will need to provide details of the insurer, case manager, claim number and approval date for treatment.

There are credit card and eftpos facilities available for your convenience.  (Fees and Rebates change annually).

Terms for Invoices - Invoices are due to be paid on date of issue.  Late fees are $195.00 per invoice after 14 days and each subsequent 14 days that the account remains unpaid.  Late fee charges are based on one hour of time (as an incentive to make immediate payment as I do not want to spend time chasing outstanding accounts).  There is an additional fee for costs associated with any court action to recover outstanding fees that will include travel time, court appearance fee at the Australian Psychological Society rate for a minimum of 2 hours and any court costs associated with the recovery action.

Frequently asked questions

How long will treatment take?
The first one to two sessions involve an assessment. After this is done we can discuss the goals for treatment and have a clearer idea of how long it may take. There are many things that can affect the length of treatment including how many and how complicated the issues that you have, the time you have to carry out exercises, how motivated you are, and the amount of support you have.  Under Medicare the average number of sessions clients actually attend is six.  With PTSD it would be rare to complete treatment that quickly.

Tell me more about the assessment?
The first two sessions are an assessment where I will ask a detailed history of your symptoms and your life in general. This is about getting to know you involving details about you, your relationships, friendships and work. I will usually give you some questionnaires to fill in for more detailed information.

Is it worth it?
The research shows that without psychological treatment people generally improve but for most this is very slowly.  Cases of War Veterans show how PTSD can persist for the rest of someone’s life.  Medication can reduce symptoms but will not usually cure the underlying problem so symptoms will usually return when you stop medication.  (This does not mean that medication is unhelpful and it can be very useful in helping to reduce symptoms).  PTSD is a difficult condition to treat and requires being prepared to ‘face your demons’.  If you could take a pill and be better, how much would you be prepared to pay?


Michael Guy is a Clinical Psychologist offering specialised psychological therapy in Hobart. He focuses on providing psychological therapy to those with a history of trauma including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  Treatment is also available for Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and other psychological issues.

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